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Glass recycling: container glass

Crystal-clear benefits - for your success!

Glass is a resource which can be recycled time and time again without the quality deteriorating.

We have been collecting and recovering container glass for many decades. As the leading glass recycling specialist in Germany, we take care of container glass, hollow glass and packaging glass. With cutting-edge technology and sophisticated services we strive to achieve an optimal recovery chain.

Generally, all commercially available types of glass are collected and recycled. We collect container glass as a partner of dual recycling systems and local authorities. We also support industry, commerce and gastronomy in glass recycling.

Our services for collectors:

  • bottle bank siting
  • regular collection
  • just-in-time collection
  • on-site advice on individual possibilities
  • complete documentation of the quantities of glass recovered
  • favourable conditions



We work with the latest technology, bringing benefits to you the customer. We adapt to your needs, in terms of the fine fraction, colour sorting or chemical consistency.

End products
Our company was one of the first to provide glass recycling in Germany and is still doing pioneering work in many areas today. After all, the quality of our product and our customers’ satisfaction are our highest priority.

Our quality standards:

  • purity (largely free of contaminants such as ceramics, stones, porcelain, metals/non-metals, organic materials such as plastic or paper)
  • colour distribution/pigment content, colours can also be custom-mixed
  • particle size distribution according to the customer’s wishes
  • Reiling’s plus: X-ray fluorescent analysis which provides information about the chemical consistency of the incoming material and the end product and allows the colour to be determined.

Plants for container glass: 

Reiling Glas Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Bussemasstraße 49
D-33428 Marienfeld

Mail: marienfeld@reiling.de                                           


Reiling Glas Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Solarstraße 15
D-04860 Torgau

Mail: torgau@reiling.de


Ruhrglas Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Frydagstraße 39
D-44536 Lünen

Mail: luenen@reiling.de                                                   


Reiling Glas Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Appendorfer Weg 4
D-39171 Sülzetal

Mail: osterweddingen@reiling.de


R-Glas Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Söllerstraße 33
D-21481 Lauenburg

Mail: lauenburg@reiling.de   




Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS
Krumtappen 11
DK-6580 Vamdrup

Mail: info@reiling.dk

Internet: www.reiling.dk


Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS
Maglemolle 60
DK-4700 Naestved

Mail: info@reiling.dk

Internet: www.reiling.dk


DSS Recykling Sp.z o.o.
ul. Magazynowa 1
PL-42-530 Dabrowa Gornicza

Mail: dss@dss-recykling.pl

Internet: www.dss-recykling.pl

 Kurzfilm von DSS Recykling Sp.z o.o.

Swede Glass United AB
PO Box 49
SWE-69621 Askersund 

Mail: linda.bernstrom@swedeglassunited.com

Internet: www.swedeglassunited.com



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